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Tamara Angela

Lover of red velvet cupcakes, fairy tales, and red lipstick, Tamara is the owner of Zen Publishing and also an author. Her books are passionate Love letters that encourage people to be open to Love in their lives.

You can find her writing here:

Saffron Soul Violet Voices

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Caramel Lattes and Stilettos



L.T. Robinson

L.T. Robinson is an author and literary coach who pens stories about the modern woman of color. Through her dark and erotic tales, she creates multi-layered characters to show more women of color as leads and to remove the stigma of being sexually liberated.

You can find her writing here:


Saffron Soul. Violet Voices.

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Kaye Michele

Kaye Michele is the nom de plume of every woman’s inner erotic Goddess. Quiet, observant, and a touch shy, she noticed the bulk of “sexy time” stories on bookshelves weren’t designed for women of color, so she set out to speak to the sexy, sensual woman of color in hiding. Her prose is designed to steam up both the mind and the bedroom, and no topic goes un-kissed. Her first novel, an anthology of varying erotica tales, speaks to the lover in us all and is designed to be read close, to a lover, in nothing but heels.

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L.T. Robinson is back with a change of pace and introduces Black Widow Smoke, the first installment of the Dark Love Series. Her latest character Stauna is a quiet girl with a loud rage. Born with a need to satiate a hunger of retribution kills and erotic indulgence, this dark novelette sets the tone with a crime of passion. Stauna answers the call of the black widow and discovers she may not have to walk this path alone.

Is it ever the right time for love? In Bad Habits, Janet and Hilton struggle with a relationship that although filled with love and passion, is plagued by poor timing. Will they ever get the chance to make a relationship work? In Trouble, Laila breezes into Micah’s life and provides him with the inspiration for his songs. But is she the right woman for him or is she more trouble than she’s worth? In Un Grande Affaire de Coeur, Alexandra finds the man that is her soul mate. Problem is they come from different walks of life and a relationship like theirs is taboo. When Love Calls is a passionate collection of stories that leave you wondering if you will be ready when love comes your way.

Musings and poems on Love, Life, and why you need more Love in your life.


It’s this amazing space and a cosmic experience. Why wouldn’t you want to welcome it into your life?

The Dark Love Series continues with The Phoenix. In this second installment the love story of Stauna and Jamie — a modern-day Mickey and Mallory Knox — unfolds as Stauna continues her path of retribution kills.

No matter how much she tries to deny it, Stauna knows it’s the darkness between her and Jamie that draws them closer and incites a lust only quenched by the other. Her need to be reborn through their sex magic becomes stronger as she evolves in her abilities, with a surprise visitor that changes the trajectory of their purpose as anti-heroes.

The Phoenix begs the question, can you be reborn through your darkness?

Too often we believe Love eludes us. Reality? When you’re introduced to Love, real Love, there’s no doubt; no questioning of its space in your life. The Cosmic Love series entices readers with erotic and cosmic Love letters to “The One”. The second installment, Love’s Spells, presents poetic Love letters that remind us of the enchantment and magnetism of real Love- its mysticism. The intrigue that keeps us yearning to uncover and discover more of Love’s inner layers and cloak ourselves in its majestic glory. Love’s Spells tells of the spiritual lure that’s encompassed when the pure Divine Feminine and the celestial Masculine intertwine.

Sexy. Seduction. Sensual Indulgence. What happens when Cara and Felicia explore their explosive attraction to one another?

kaye michele

Nothing But Heels On taps into a world of Alpha women who want nothing more than to be stroked by Alpha men. A pouring of kink on the page, Kaye Michele provides the wordplay that peeks into your cerebral cortex and paints a vivid picture of “what if…

L.T. Robinson

…sex can be pink and glittery, even when it’s dark. At least that’s what L.T. Robinson thinks. Pink Cookies and Plastic Bags, mused by LL Cool J’s infamous song, takes a peek at intimacy-laden sex. It’s an oxymoron of sweet grit mixed with fantastical undertones. Dark sex can be pink and glittery, especially when its crushed by buildings.